Tabanoid won first prize as the most innovative project on the ELTE Innovation Day

Gábor Horváth (associate professor) and György Kriska (assistant professor) won the prize for the TABANOiD project on the ELTE Innovation Day, held on 23 February 2011.

The two researchers observed the behaviour of horse-flies in relation to vertical, horizontal and various striped surfaces. They concluded that the solar panels that were previously thought to be environmentally friendly, actually can harm and kill millions of aquatic insects.
During their research, they also noticed upon investigating polarotactic insects, that artificial surfaces can often deceive them. For example, they mistakenly identify the huge glass surfaces of buildings or solar panels as water surfaces, thereby laying their eggs in an unsuitable environment.
The invention is based on these observations.

An interview with the two researchers (in hungarian) can be found at the link below: